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From the Thanksgiving Day to Christmas

  Every year, when the Thanksgiving Day comes, the United States people are happy in the Thanksgiving Day, and the schools and shops are also required for day will be a good choice, and the price will be cheap, so it will not let your mother down definitely.As the Thanksgiving Day is coming, have you prepared gifts for mother to express your grateful heart? Whether the apparel, a necklace or a watch, they can make your mother happy. At that time, there were a group of young women who wish to select a day in a year to do charitable work, and they think that the selected Thanksgiving Day is the most appropriate.

The relatives will come back from every corner of the world to enjoy the Thanksgiving meal.Meanwhile, the hospitable Americans can not forget invite their friends, bachelors or persons away from home for the holidays at this day. No matter they encounter who, they will say: "Thank you!"Thanksgiving shopping has become the American customs. From the Thanksgiving Day to Christmas, the retail sales in U.Every Thanksgiving Day, it is very busy in the whole United States, and the Christians would go to church to make thanksgiving according to the custom, what is more, there are make-up demonstrations drama or sports competitions in cities and towns. The family members scattered will go home for the holidays, and the whole family sits around together, munching the delicious turkey, and saying to the family: "Thank you!" After the Thanksgiving Day, school will ask the students to draw a picture of Thanksgiving Day, and most of the students paint the turkey.

However, the children imitate the appearance of the Finger Rosary Manufacturers Indians and put on bizarre clothes, while they also paint the facial painting or put on the mask and sing on the streets. So when the Thanksgiving Day comes, they will load a full basket of food to the poor people. have been account for 1/3 of the year, which is the traditional peak season for discounts. It is famous since then, and soon a lot of people learn toe do it this way. Perhaps, a variety of accessories on dealextreme. From the 18th century, the United States began to have the customs to send a basket of food to the poor people.

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